Our holistic approach to wellness will help you feel and look your very best!

Health care and IV Therapy is led by physician and medical director, Mary Caire MD, who practices exclusively at Eleven Wellness. Dr. Caire is a leader in functional and DNA-informed precision medicine with a powerful message: we can all achieve optimal health and vitality! Our health is within our control and we can live our best life.

Our aesthetics team is led by Vinita Schroeder MD who has years of experience in body contouring and facial enhancement. She is a master at bringing out each client’s natural, innate beauty. Skin care is geared toward improving overall skin health and rejuvenation to achieve natural looking results.

Non-invasive, anti-aging and skin rejuvenation treatments incorporating European techniques are carefully selected for maximum medical effectiveness with minimal downtime. Although there is no magic, impressive results are achieved from our professional, custom-tailored skin care regimens.

We believe beauty comes from the inside out. When health is optimized, beauty can be optimal. Vitality starts at Eleven. Let us show you how.