Beauty Treatments, Safety and YOU

Last month, an article in Allure Magazine Are Beauty Standards Pushing Black Women Into Dangerous Back-Alley Surgeries? raised some alarm about the authenticity of product and the credibility of the physician or provider doing the treatment. This particular article was referencing a recent rise in ‘back alley’ treatments for African-American women – specifically around butt-injections to enhance the buttocks with additional lift.  Even Kim Kardashian has already ‘admitted’ to butt injections. But this isn’t a ‘new’ thing – and it’s not just the African-American community, and it’s not just about butts.

There have been reports of (and jail time) for doctors who were in fact, NOT doctors, just street people posing as a Medical Doctor, faking credentials to perform ‘in office’ treatments, and even surgical procedures for over 20 years. Even ‘back alley’ docs who have lost their license for underground practices and product sales.

Now that lunchtime cosmetic procedures and non-invasive options are on the rise – we can expect to see more fraud artists capitalizing on this scam. And not just surgical and non-invasive treatments like injections – but also laser services.

As with any medical treatment, such as a chemical peel, neurotoxin injection or dermal filler injection – there are two things to ensure.

  1. Is your provider backed by a medical doctor or physician? Have they had the training and do they have experience with the products and equipment they are using?
  2. Is the product ‘real’ – for example, is it Botox Cosmetic? Or ‘something else’ – ?

When you treat at a clinic like Eleven Wellness, you can rest easy knowing the facility and it’s staff are backed by Dr. Vinita Schroeder, who has an active Allergy practice in Dallas.  When you have a Medical Doctor as your Medical Director, you know the products are ‘real’ and being used and dispensed as indicated by the manufacturer.

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