Botox Offers Solutions To Multiple Ailments – Not Just For Wrinkles

Time Magazine published an article in their magazine this month that covers the amazing benefits and solutions that Botox neurotoxin injections can offer patients. Finally – the world can see what the medical community has been seeing for well over 25 years – medical benefits that go beyond smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

Of course – for lines around the glabella and forehead, as well as crow’s feet, chin dimples and more – limiting the muscle activity there has been shown time and again to gently and naturally ‘reshape’ certain aspects of certain areas of the face. Certainly with any medical procedure there are risks and the possibility of looking ‘overdone’ or losing ability to express those areas – as the neurotoxin ‘deadens’ the area for a limited amount of time.  Injecting Botox or other toxins such as Dysport or Xeomin require a specific skill set and an artistry of sorts – to fully understand each face as individual and how the musculature works just beneath the skin to achieve the results that the patient would like.

But did you know? Botox (and other neurotoxins) can also be used for several other medical conditions such as the relief of migraine headaches, hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) and overactive bladder?  Botox has been FDA-Approved for all of these conditions. But that’s not all.

In recent years, Botox has been used to treat crossed-eyes, depression, muscle spasms, abnormal heartbeat and even cleft-lip scars in babies to help them heal, hold still – and recover their appearance post-surgery.

Read the full article on Time Magazine website

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