BROVEMBER – Highlighting Men’s Cosmetic Treatments

While guys aren’t opting for cosmetic treatments as often as the girls are just yet – the industry is seeing a marked increase in laser and cosmetic dermatological treatments for men.¬† One trend we’ve noticed is that men seem to be a little ‘gun shy’ when it comes to going under the knife – which is good news for facilities like us – meaning that, they seem to be more comfortable doing laser services, injectibles and non-invasive procedures to help them look and feel better.

To shout out to our male patients (and we have a ton!) we’ve nick-named November “Brovember” in honor of their courage to take a leap of faith and try some new things to help build their confidence.¬† Medical spas and esthetitican services are not just for women. We’ve identified below the top five favorite men’s cosmetic treatments!

PRP – Plasma Rich Platelet Hair Therapy

Thinning hair is not just for men – women and men alike are trying this new treatment to encourage hair growth. PRP Hair Therapy is not too complicated: using your own platelets from an in-office blood draw, your own platelets are then injected around your scalp to encourage new hair growth.

Botox Cosmetic

Guys seem to love “Brotox” or – injecting neurotoxins into their glabella and forehead, crows feet areas to reduce the lines around the face. We’re not surprised – Botox is a tried & true method to feel and look more youthful. We hear this helps them look younger, without their co-workers noticing¬† – to help them keep up with the young whippersnappers in the office.

Kybella – Double Chin Reduction

Kybella is not completely new – but has been out a little over a year and is showing amazing results when trying to reduce a double chin. Whether it’s a genetic issue, or a few pounds that just won’t come off and it manifests in a double chin – a series of Kybella injections can help blast the fat right off the bottom of your chin and top of your neck. This is a favorite among our male patients.

VIORA Skin Tightening

Some guys work super hard to stay in shape, but still have love handles or loose skin. Viora body contouring can help tighten loose skin or target small fat pockets to sculpt a sexy six-pack. This seems to be popular with men as well as women – but it’s also a best-kept secret of our male patients to looking and feeling great.

Dermal Fillers

The guys have picked up on the trend of filling deep lines with dermal fillers around the mouth to soften the signs of aging. They’ve also found ways to ‘pop’ a more prominent chin or cheek line for a fuller, more distinctive look without going under the knife.


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