Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery – “Tweakments”

A recent Telegraph UK article crowned Jennifer Aniston the Queen of Tweakments. What is that you ask? A ‘tweakment’? it refers to smaller cosmetic procedures performed with no major surgeries.

Cosmetic surgery and procedures are on the rise year after year – and of course, we often hear about the ‘overdone’ celebrities who no longer look like themselves. Many, in fact – have gone back and ‘undone’ what they can with the surgeries they’ve performed to regain some sense of their old look. Others still, prefer to age gracefully. But luckily – the extreme of either aging or being overdone does not have to be the reality. With modern advancements in laser skin care and new non-invasive procedures such as microneedling – coupled with the tried and true procedures like Botox cosmetic and dermal fillers – can keep patients looking and feeling their best, and looking younger – without the cost or downtime, or visible difference in their appearance that some other, older procedures have cost.

With today’s technology, and our new-found attention to diet and exercise – you can defy aging at every turn.

Read full article here from Telegraph UK

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