Nutrients and hydration that fuel vitality

IV therapy replenishes hydration and nutrients so you can live more optimally.

We use the highest-quality pharmaceutical-grade ingredients available. Our IVs are delivered by registered nurses and we use smaller 100mL bags so nutrients are more concentrated when they enter your bloodstream.

With 100% absorption, IV therapy can help you instantly feel better. Let us help you boost your performance, refresh your appearance, strengthen your immunity, get well faster and feel great.

Explore our eleven signature IVs and book your appointment.

    A foundation for health. Ultra hydration.

    Helps restore higher levels of hydration
    Provides essential electrolytes
    B vitamins support increased energy throughout the day
    Magnesium supports more restful sleep
    $95. Approximately 30 minutes

    Helps rebalance the body.

    The classic Myer’s Cocktail with vitamin C, magnesium, calcium and B vitamins
    Enhances your body’s natural ability to detox and cleanse
    Supports overall wellness
    Pair with glutathione for added antioxidant support
    $125. Approximately 30 minutes

    Helps improve your mood and reduce stress or anxiety. Get happy.

    Taurine, an amino acid, helps relieve anxiety and promote positivity
    Magnesium chloride supports cognition and promotes a sense of well-being
    Promotes restful, REM sleep to help you feel better throughout the day
    $175. Approximately 30 minutes

    Optimize your cognition and brain health.

    Supports cognition by providing the brain’s most powerful antioxidant, glutathione
    Delivers vitamins and minerals that support mental clarity and help relieve brain fog
    Nutrients enhance focus, memory and creativity
    $175. Approximately 30 minutes

    The perfect pick-Me-Up. Energize to accomplish all you want in life.

    • Our highest dose of B vitamins for maximum energy support
    Pair with a double drip for added hydration
    Pair with a weekly B12 injection for sustained energy enhancement
    $175. Approximately 30 minutes

    Supports metabolism and brain health. Be slim and trim.

    PTC and MIC target fat breakdown and kickstart your metabolism
    Helps decrease fat storage to improve the appearance of muscle tone
    Pair with a lipo B12 injection for ultimate support
    $175. Approximately 30 minutes

  7. GLOW
    A cocktail that can help improve your looks. Revitalize skin, hair and nails.

    Intense hydration and essential minerals support healthy skin, hair and nails
    High-dose antioxidant vitamin C facilitates collagen repair and helps improve skin tone
    Supports skin recovery after laser procedures or skin resurfacing
    Pair with glutathione for the ultimate glow!
    $185. Approximately 30 minutes

    Protect against the effects of aging. Be more than young at heart.

    High-dose taurine, an amino acid, and B vitamins help reduce inflammation
    Boosts nutrient absorption and protects against free radicals
    Stimulates elastin production and helps refresh the skin for a more youthful appearance
    $195. Approximately 30 minutes

    Strengthen your body’s natural immunity. stay well or get well faster.

    A wide spectrum of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants promote a healthier immune system
    Our highest dose of vitamin C with added Zinc, Selenium, B vitamins
    High-dose glutathione, an antioxidant, aids in the prevention and treatment of acute illnesses
    $225. Approximately 30 minutes

    A great all-around revitalizer. Restore after a big event, travel or a few drinks.

    Replenishes essential hydration, nutrients, vitamins and minerals
    Zinc, selenium, riboflavin, trace minerals and extra hydration protect against free radicals
    Pair with a B12 injection to promote increased energy
    $245. Approximately 45 minutes

    Improve athletic performance and recover faster.

    Restores essential vitamins, minerals and electrolytes
    Amino acids, essential nutrients, trace minerals and hydration aid muscle recovery and support sustained energy
    Helps decrease lactic acid production formed after strenuous workouts
    $255. Approximately 45 minutes


Double Drip: an additional 250mL bag of hydration. $25
Triple Drip: an additional 500mL bag of hydration. $35
Trace minerals, zinc and selenium for additional immune support. $50
Glutathione for collagen repair, cognition and immune support. $50
CoQ-10 helps protect and repair skin; perfect following a facial or laser treatment: $25


B12 supports energy levels. $25
Lipo B12 for energy and metabolism support. $30
Vitamin D for bone strength and increased Vitamin C absorption. $30


Call ahead and we’ll have your selected IV ready when you arrive. You’ll be in and out in half the time or less.