What product solutions are available to treat vascular lesions?

Depending on the specific nature of the condition, Lumenis offers two key solutions for the treatment of benign vascular lesions. The IPL family, featuring the IPL Quantum product line and the Lumenis One platform successfully treat a broad range of vascular conditions including telangiectasia, port wine stains, hemangiomas, etc. Deeper vascular lesions can be treated with our Nd:YAG laser systems available on the IPL Quantum platform and the Lumenis One.

How do the Lumenis One and IPL Quantum treat mature hemangioma?

Mature hemangiomas can be rather thick, namely part of them is superficial and part is deep. Lumenis One is equipped with two treatments heads that can effectively target the different depths of the hemangioma. The Nd:YAG head can be used first to reach the deeper parts of the lesion, while being marginally absorbed by the superficial telangiectasia that often lay on the surface of the hemangioma. Excessive heat production is thus eliminated. Following a few sessions with the Nd:YAG, the IPL can be used to treat the remaining superficial blood vessels.

Can the Lumenis One effectively treat Rosacea?

Although the IPL Quantum can target the telangiectasia and blush associated with rosacea, the high power, short pulses and optimal pulsing technology only available with the Lumenis One is believed to result in superior treatment for the vascular symptoms associated with rosacea.

Some pigmented lesions have to be removed surgically, as they are potentially harmful. Can they be treated by IPL instead?

Technically, it is possible to treat such pigmented lesions with IPL and diminish their brown color; however, doing so does not affect the pre-malignanat cells – it only obscures them and delays the diagnosis. It is therefore essential to consult a dermatologist prior to IPL treatment of any suspect pigmented lesion.

Can IPL treat hairy, pigmented lesions?

Yes, due to the versatility of filters, IPL is an effective treatment for hairy pigmented lesions. IPL with longer filters can penetrate deeper than IPL with short filters. Thus, a shorter filter may be used to treat the superficial (epidermal) pigmented lesion while a longer filter may be applied to remove the hair.